Salads for Days

Salads for Days

Food is designed for sharing. I'm a hopeless cook when I have only myself to feed, so for that reason, I relish cooking for others. 

Salads are a great way to feed the masses and I always seem to come up with new flavour combinations with whatever is on hand and in season. Cooks I admire, such as Yotam Ottolenghi, Anna Jones, Nigel Slater and Hetty McKinnon, all champion the simple use of vegetables in their cooking. 

"Salad Days" is not only a great album produced by Mac Demarco, it is an old Shakespearean expression that refers to a youthful time, accompanied by the inexperience and idealism often associated with youth. 

It is in this spirit that I decided to start this website- part portfolio, part experiment. You'll find here the sort of food I like to share with friends over a bottle of wine on our rooftop. I'm drawn to simple food with complex flavours (which may sound like a paradox), though you don't always need fancy ingredients to produce a stunning and memorable meal. 

I'm not the most precise cook, so my recipes are often a guideline rather than an exact step-by-step guide. 

Let your taste guide you, and be sure you don't forget to share.